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The 1st time I was down there at the Old Iron Bridge was in the year 1937, because we moved to the house next to the
Glade Valley Rd. where the bridge is located. The bridge existed at that time, and we use go down there to fish or
just to take walks with my children. My daughter, Phyillis is 63, and I took her often for walks to the bridge when
she was just a baby.

My son, Marty, is 37 and the bridge has and always has been a big part of his life. His friends would always fish,
swim, or play there all the time. He lives near the bridge now and often visits it with his little daughters.

Zeke Hendersonís first trip to the bridge was in 1940, and we took him there on many family outings. He always came
over to visit with us after his mom died when he was 2.
Mike Peck, my husband, and I loved to fish there as it was always a great access to the river with good fishing. He
worked for the Greenwalt family who lived across the bridge on a working farm before 1937. The bridge was there
long before then.

My name was Geroldine Hughey.

I really think this bridge is of Historic value and should be preserved as a historic site.


Lula Geraldine (Hughey) Peck
formally Rapid City resident

I`m 64 and remember riding my horse on the Greenwalt road about every day or so to see grandma and grandpa Greenwalt
who were beautiful elderly people. They always kept the place beautiful when they were living.

They raised bird dogs, and had one called Mike. I loved playing in the river by the bridge (I wasnít allowed to go
far from the bridge because Grandma and Grandpa wanted to keep an eye on me. They enjoyed it and I wasn't very
big). Mike loved the water and would retrieve sticks that I`d throw out in the river for him.
I also remember Grandpa and I catching some fish( I think Grandpa caught most of them, we didn't tell anyone
though.), we took them up to the house and Grandma cooked them, there's nothing better than fresh fish caught from
water so clean and clear that you could safely drink it.
If I can help save the bridge, it would be worth it. It is part of history in this area. Itís the only thing left
that isnít destroyed around here.

Ida Underhill Linderleaf
Rapid City

We used to live at the Greenwalt farm across the Iron Bridge, for one winter when our daughter was just a baby 64
years ago, in 1937. The Iron Bridge had been there long before then.

My grandma and grandpa, Lidia and Bill Barber had rented a pasture there across the river near the Greenwalt farm.
Jag Mosher, use to work for my grandma Barber, in 1932 when I was 14 years old, after my grandfather died. He would
drive the cattle across the bridge to graze during the day and bring them home at night to milk, back to Valley Road
where there is now a trailer park. We would go down there and stay with Grandma Barber during the week.
As my large family was growing up through the years we would always go black berrying near the bridge.


Clearwater life-long resident
Helen Barber Deater

My grandparents, Joseph Mariage and Iva Mariage used to go down to that bridge on Sundays with the whole family
around 1920, and they would take a picnic lunch and fish.
One time my grandmother dropped a hook under the bridge and she jerked and nothing came up. So she tried again and
nothing again. As the story goes, my Uncle John Mariage grabbed the hook and tugged back, after she thought she
had a Ďbigí one he came up from under the bridge surprising her.

It was always a nice place to swim and fish throughout the years.

We used to go down there to visit the Greenwalt family and always going across the bridge was a favorite thing to
do. It was in the early 40ís and I was about 12 or 14 years old.

The bridge should not be harmed in any way and should stay there as is. It is the last remaining ties to the
history of our area. It is beautiful there and many people still enjoy itís serene beauty and fishing holes.
Actually, I think the site should be expanded and made into a park in memory of our forefathers who built our roads
and bridges over 100 years ago.
If I can be of more help, please call me.

Sincerely Yours,

Joe Mariage
Rapid City

My dad, George Underhill, and his family were good friends with the Greenwalt family who lived across the bridge.
The bridge had been there for a long time before then. My dad, used to pasture cattle down on the Greenwalt farm in
1944. Kay Driggett, my sister took care of all their farm animals when she was a teenager in the 40s. There was
fruit trees and plenty of fertile land across the Iron Bridge.

I fished down there in the 1950s.

I would like to see the bridge preserved as a historical bridge.


William (Bill) Underhill
Rapid City

I have lived in the community of Rapid City on Valley Road, about 63 years, across the road from the Glade Valley
Rd. where the Iron Bridge is located. It was called Babcock Rd. for a while because of the Babcock family living
back in there. Greenwalts lived there also and so did the Shelts family who grew trees and nursery stock, and
bushes. The Babcocks grew glades and eventually the roadís name was turned to Glade Valley.

On the north side of the bridge there were 40 acres there that needed a road built to it, and I helped build it in
1938. I fished that bridge many, many times and taught my grandson to fish down there.
It is a nice stream and a beautiful place to visit. In my view the bridge hasnít deteriorated at all and looks the
same as it always did. It is so quiet and beautiful down there and should always stay that way.

My question is why should this road and bridge be closed to satisfy just a small number of private people when
hundreds do and would like to continue to use this bridge and access for their enjoyment? It is a public road and
bridge and should stay that way.

If I can help to further this effort to preserve the bridge forever, please let me know.


Ford Robinson
Rapid City


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